"I'm your Forceful Voice in the Government. Together we will make changes you wish to see in New York."

Brandon Wright

About the Candidate

Mary Jennings for Clerk of Court is a New York City candidate for the New York, New York, office and continues a family tradition of community service. Her mother, Mary Jennings, was the City Commissioner for the city of New York, while her father Marcus Jenson was the owner and operator of the Jenson Taxi Service. Mary Jennings assumed responsibility of her father's business and oversees its operation today.

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Candidate Brandon Wright is a graduate of Stuyvesant High School, and Plaza College in Queens. He received a bachelor's degree in elementary education and was awarded his master's degree in arts and business administration by St. Peters College in Jersey City, New Jersey. Also, Brandon Wright is a self-education driven person.

Professional Diversity

Brandon Wright professional experience is vast — from his position as a contract vendor for worker's compensation claims and Medicaid waiver programs to an owner of residential rental property. He is a candidate that has practical, real-life experience in a large number of commercial and private enterprises.


As a Wall Street account executive for nearly 10 years, Mr. Wright also authored a $200,000 grant proposal that provided transportation and child care for low- to moderate-income families in the region. Brandon Wright was Jersey City, New Jersey, urban school teacher, and educator in Queens, New York.